Tuesday, July 10, 2007

July 4th 2007 was so much fun!!!

We went swimming @ Grandma Lowlies.

Some of the flowers looked like fireworks.

Trevon loves to play in the water.

We watch a Parade with some of our Cousins.

That Clown was so high in the sky!

We wish candy was really that big!

The Bag Pipe band was so much fun!

I wonder what Emma sees.

Wow its a helicopter!

We even saw a Wizard of OZ float.

Hey look its Ethan and Uncle Geran

The horses are so pretty.

We all helped Grandpa make Ice Cream mmmm yummy!


Halle is SOOO cute!!

Then we set some boom booms off.

We had such a fun day!!!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Kayla's T-Ball

I just love playing T-ball with my new friends.I even get to play with my cousin Ethan and my Mommy is my coach.

I even get to play in the dirt.

I can't wait till its my turn to bat!

YAY!! I got a great hit!

Our Zoo Trip

We love the zoo even if we are a little scared at first.

We even found a Ghost in the Bijou!

We found some of the Ghosts little friends in there also.

Then we ate our lunch with the animals!
That's one of Kayla's favorite things to do.

Trevey was so excited to see more he almost ate his whole lunch in one bite! Silly boy.

We ate with the Penguins. You should try it some time too!

After lunch even Giraffe's are sleepy.

Kayla's favorite animal was the Rhino.

Trevon's as always was the Zebra.

We just love the zoo can't wait to go back!!